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MLE - Your Bridge to the Affluent Latino

Miami Latin Elite is the destination website and reference for the wealthy Hispanic and Latin Commuity that lives or have a second home in South Florida. Our loyal readers have trusted us with their contact information because they know we provide them with just the information they want. We know the culture, tradition, ethnicity and background of each of our readers and we cater to that in their own language and terms.
We approach our readers with respect, intelligence and refinement guided by a sense of elegance and good taste. We only wok with the most exclusive products and services in the market, the best shows, the most sophisticated resorts, hard to get items and the most luxurious goods money can buy.
Miami Latin Elite is the most efficient way to reach the refined and sophisticated individuals in the Latin community. An individual that is experienced, culturally sophisticated, both with a high purchasing power as well as an innate desire for luxury and everything surrounding it, who likes to live well, feel good about himself and seeks to enjoy the best lifestyle that the world has to offer. Let us be your guide to reach them.
We will gladly customize an effective marketing package for your company, including e-blasts, newsletters, editorial content and more, in an exclusive manner. Please fill out the form below to get more information and to inquiry about our pricing.

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